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Insurance Accepted

We accept payment for services from Medicare, private insurance, or private pay. For most services, there is no cost to you if you are an eligible Medicare beneficiary. Some insurers may limit the number and type of visits they will pay for and may require pre-certification. The nurse will inform you, your family, caregiver, or guardian of all charges and methods of payment before or upon admission.

Our agency will bill Medicare for our services on your behalf. We will accept Medicare assigned payment as payment in full for the services provided as long as you meet the qualifying requirements and the services are covered by the Medicare program.

If you are receiving Medicare benefits, you may receive a Medicare Summary Notice (MSN)after we have submitted a final claim for services. The MSN itemizes charges billed to Medicare on your behalf and the amount Medicare paid.This is not a bill.

Cost Sharing: The hospice agency may bill a coinsurance of 5% for each prescription provided outside of an inpatient facility, not to exceed $5.00 per prescription. The client may also bill a 5% co-payment for inpatient respite care, not to exceed the inpatient facility deductible.

If you have any questions about charges or billing, please call our office.

Maximum Daily Rates

Routine Hospice Care $ 250.00/day
Continuous Care $ 1500.00/day
General Inpatient Care $ 1200.00/day
Respite Care $ 800.00/day